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Radford University

Lory Marsocci, Anna Beydoun, Kelsey Keller, Kate Croy, Lauren Reinhard


Lory Marsocci, Anna Beydoun, Kelsey Keller, Kate Croy, Lauren Reinhard

Special Thanks To: Justin Doyle and Gabe McFarland for audio & sound.

This video competition was sponsored by CIDA, NCIDQ, and IDEC
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Today we will discuss why interior designers matter. Economics is a
social science that analyzes the production, distribution and
consumption of goods and services. So, what is economic well-being?
Basically, it’s having a stable and even thriving economy locally,
regionally, and globally.

So you’re probably asking what interior designers have to do with
this. We, like many other professions, have researchers that work hard
to figure out how to design spaces to make your quality of life
better. Where do these researchers come from? Well honey, when two
people fall in love with each other…oh wait, scratch that…you mean how
do they get their jobs…

Well, that’s where that little piece of paper comes in handy that
everyone frames and hangs in their office. At school, you learn how to
seek out and prevent problems in our built environment. Without an
education, you can get stuck in a box without any means of escape.

An education allows you to climb out of the box and find solutions
that benefit society when interacting in these spaces. Many people
don’t realize, but interior design impacts you on a daily basis.
Without the knowledge gained from an interior design degree, you are
left with a bare box that hinders daily interactions. These negative
impacts on your psyche prohibit you from experiencing interior spaces
as they were intended, therefore, you as a consumer are less likely to
revisit and more likely to take your business someplace else.

Well-educated designers know how to draw consumers in and keep them
coming back for more. Not only do students learn interior design, but
are educated on branding, research, communication, and even
psychology. All of these things help designers make evidence based
decisions which can help to support the foundation for a strong

Have you ever realized you go to the same local coffee shop (even
though it’s a little bit pricier that you wanted). Ever wondered why
that is? Well, it’s probably because that company hired a licensed
designer to create an inviting experience that you would want to come
back to. Your customer loyalty to the coffee shop supports the local
economy, which boosts the regional economy and ultimately the globe.

Without an interior design education, not only would you be stuck in a
sterile box, but your economy would suffer too. For example, a poorly
designed workplace can make you more likely to call in sick (or
actually become sick), quit your job, or even worse, becoming an
unproductive employee which could snowball into the loss of the
company, demise of the related organizations and partners of that
company, and more drastically causing the local economy and jobs to
crumble. What happens when there are no more interior designers? The
end of the line. The economy suffers and the economic well-being is
not well at all, it’s stuck in that square, boring box.

Not to worry, interior designers to the rescue! We are taught how to
create an environment that not only makes users comfortable,
productive, and happy, but economically stable. We fight to keep
businesses in business. Great spaces, exceptional experiences, and
creative ideas can help mold a greater local, regional and global

That’s why we matter!

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