Interior Designers and Interior Architects around the world are making a difference through projects that have a positive impact on society in general. Here we will be showcasing some of these.

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  • Designing for Veterans is a nonprofit interior design organization that believes the built environment can have a tremendous impact on the physical and psychological life experience of disabled veterans when returning home from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  It is the mission of Designing for Veterans to aid and assist these disabled veterans through pro bono interior design services, that address their individual needs and to create fully functional, barrier-free and aesthetic environments that offer veterans the opportunity and ability to live independent and active lives.

Designing for Veterans harnesses the support of the interior design community via volunteer work service by design professionals and interior design students who donate their time and expertise to create environments that will ease the lives of these veterans.  In addition, through the support of industry suppliers and manufacturers donating their products they not only assist in creating functional environments but do so at no cost to the veteran while diverting the excesses of these supplies and furnishings from landfill to veteran projects.  The organization practices green building principles established by the United States Green Building Council dedicated to designing quality and healthy interiors
while reducing energy consumption, waste and negative environmental impacts on our communities.

The projects range in scope from homes, to condominiums to other housing units in which veterans live. The organization accepts monetary donations for the purchase of equipment, appliances, furniture and furnishings as well as the manufacture of custom furnishings in order to meet the specific need of the veterans concerned so they can live lives of dignity and respect they so well deserve.  They accept volunteer architectural and interior design services from industry professionals, product donations from suppliers and manufacturers as well as volunteer professional services in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, flooring, painting, custom window treatments, to name but a few.