Education and Research

For students their are many schools that offer interior design programs, not all schools offer the same quality of education. In the United States and Canada schools that are accreditation by CIDA are considered to hold the highest standards of education that practitioners deem valuable for future employees and many firms seek employees that hold degrees from these accredited programs. Check under Resources Tab to find a list of organizations that are accreditation bodies or educational organizations  that can assist you in finding the right school.

Many professional organizations provide continuing education opportunities and research to practitioners.  Check out the list of organizations under Resources Tab.

For the general public please use this site to learn more about what interior design is.


InformeDesign provides all interior designers an evidence based design tool to insure research and resources are available to our profession. They are underfunded and have not been able to add new research for us, so please donate today!

By funding InformeDesign you can provide Interior Architects and Interior Designers with valuable research in areas such as:

ADA / Universal Design, accessibility and safety for our most vulnerable citizens

Aging in Place, to allow many individuals to remain in their homes longer through properly designed residences

Better Schools, to help our children and young adults to learn, and achieve more by thriving in well designed, safe, and healthy environments

Ergonomics and Anthropometrics, to help prevent work related injuries such as carpal tunnel to keep businesses more productive and citizens healthy

Sustainability to save businesses and residents money, resources, support local communities, and help protect our environment

…and so much more!

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