Here is a list of many of the Interior Design / Architecture organizations around the world:

  • AAHID: American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers: -USA
  • ABD,  Associaçao Brasileira de Designers de Interiores, -Brazil
  • AHID, Association of Hungarian Interior Designers,-Hungary
  • AIAI, The Association of Interior Architects/Designers in Israel , -Israel
  • AIAE,  Association of Interior and Architectural Experts, -Russia
  • AIGA, -USA
  • AIPI,  Associazione Italiana Progettisti in Architettura d’Interni,  - Italy
  • AlnB, Associate van Interieurarchitekten van Belgie,  - Belgium
  • APID,  Association of Professional Interior Designers, -United ArabEmirates Arab
  • ARD, Association of Russian Designers,  -Russia
  • ASID, American Society of Interior Designers: -USA
  • BDIA, Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekte, -Germany
  • BIID, British Institute of Interior Design, – United Kingdom
  • BOIA, Bund Osterreicher Innenarchitekten, - Austria
  • CIAT, Chamber of Interior Architects of Turkey, – Turkey
  • CGDI, Consejo General de los Colegios oficiales de DecoradoresDisenadores de Interior de Espana,  -Spain
  • CIDA, Council of Interior Design Accreditation: -USA
  • CIDA, China National Interior Decoration Association, - China
  • CFAI, ConseilFrançais des Architectes d’Interieur,  -France
  • CIID, China Institute of Interior Design, -China
  • CNAC, MNAM/ CCI Centre National d’Arts et de Culture Georges Pompidou,www.  -France
  • CODDI, Colegio de Decoradores y Disenadores de Interiores de PuertoRico, -Puerto Rico
  • CSID, Chinese Society of Interior Designers, -Taiwan
  • DCCR, Design Centrum of the Czech Republic, -Czech Republic
  • DESK, Design Society of Kenya – Kenya
  • Design Singapore Council, -Sinapore
  • DIA, Design Institute of Australia,  -Australia
  • EDC, Design Academy Eindhoven/European Design Center, -Netherlands
  • ESDIART, Escuela Colombiana de Diseno Interior y Artes Decorativas,  -Columbia
  • ESIA, Estonian Society of Interior Architects, -Estonia
  • FNSAI, Federation Nationale des Syndicats d’Architectes d’Interieur, -France
  • HDII, Himpunan Disainer Interior Indonesia/Indonesia Society ofInterior Designers, -Indonesia
  • HKIDA, Interior Design Association Ltd, -Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Design Centre -Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Design Institute Department of Design, -Hong Kong
  • IDAN, Interior Designers Association of Nigeria -Nigeria
  • IdcN, International Design Center Nagoya Inc., -Japan
  • IDEA, Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association, -Australia
  • IDI, Institute of Designers in Ireland, -Ireland
  • IDC Canada, Interior Designers of Canada: -Canada
  • IDC Singapore, Interior Design Confederation, -Singapore
  • IDCEC, Interior Design Continuing Education Council: -USA
  • IDEC: Interior Design Educators Council, -USA
  • IDI, Institute of Designers in Ireland, _Ireland
  • IDS, Interior Design Society USA
  • IE, Interior Educators,  United Kingdom
  • IID, The South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions, -South Africa
  • IIDA, International Interior Design Association: -USA
  • IFI: International Federation of Interior Architects / InteriorDesigners: -International Organization
  • IPDM, Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers, -Malaysian
  • JID, Japan Interior Designers’ Association -Japan
  • KOSID, Korean Society of Interior Architects/Designers,  - Korea
  • MSID,  Malaysian Society of Interior Designers,  -Malaysia
  • NKBA, National Kitchen & Bath Association USA
  • NCIDQ, National Council for Interior Design Qualification,  -USA
  • PIID, Philippine Institute of Interior Design, -Philippines
  • PIID-P, Pakistan Institute of Interior Designers , -Pakistan
  • SBID, Society of British Interior Design: - United Kingdom
  • SDC, Slovenske Design Centrum -Slovak Republic
  • SMI, Sociedad Mexicana de Interioristas A. C.,  -Mexico
  • TIDA, Thailand Interior Designers’ Association, -Thailand
  • USGBC, United States Green Building Council USA
  • VSI ASAI, Vereinigung Schweizer Innenarchiteken/architektinnen,Association Suisse des Architectes d’Interieur, Associazione Svizzera degli Architetti d’Interni,  -Switzerland

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How as a consumer can professional organizations assist me?
Interior Design Professional Organizations
have guidelines and levels of memberships, some of these define the qualifications, specialization, and licensing of members. These organizations are also responsible to insuring their members to continue educating themselves on trends, research, and regulations along with high standards in ethics and professional practices. These organizations assist interior designers in networking opportunities, offer research to its members, support continuing research grants, provide opportunities in giving back the community, and training in leadership roles.

These organizations can assist consumers in understanding which designers have the appropriate qualifications.
In the United States the NCIDQ exam is use to certified interior designers having met the minimum requirements for knowledge, understanding, and practicing interior design in both residential and commercial applications.
In the United States the AAHID exam is use to certified interior designer having met the minimum requirements for knowledge, understanding, and practicing healthcare design.
In the United States the LEED, in Europe the BREEAM, in Japan the CASBEE, in Australia the Greenstar, exam is used to certified interior design having meeting the minimum requirements for knowledge, understanding, and practicing sustainable design.
In the United States the NCQLP exam is used to certified lighting designers and some interior designers that specialized in lighting design have past this exam.

Interior Designer also have other organizations that assist them …
IDEC in the United States or IDEA in Australia are two examples of Educators Organizations. These organizations exist Interior Design Educators in pursuing research, keeping current on trends in the field, networking, ….
Organizations such as CIDA in the United States is a accreditation body that insures a student that graduated from an accredited college or university has attained the minimum education in preparing interior design students before they enter into the work place. CIDA does not rank higher learning educations among each other but it does give the general public a minimum standard of what is considered an appropriate education in the field.